First Lightwing Update is Released

The Lightwing SDK version 1.1 for Windows has been released! This is the first update since the launch of the Lightwing project back in March 2016. I fixed some minor bugs and added some major new features and 3 new demos. The new features include:

  • Directional touch swiping with page transitions.
  • Background effects during page transitions.
  • Content pull updates from a web URL.
  • Improved display pausing.
  • New cube page transition.
  • New louvers effect for images, video and backgrounds.
  • New demo – Smith’s Furniture (with touch tracking 3D models).
  • New demo – Garth’s BBQ (with CSV food menu).
  • New demo – Fratello’s Italian Restaurant.

I have also been busy doing live demonstrations of Lightwing to potential corporate licensees and even some IoT startup groups in the Dallas area. The feedback has been really positive. Folks are amazed at how severely Lightwing (and the ARM i.MX6) outperforms 3D on Android and browsers . If you would like to see a live Lightwing demonstration before your competitors do, send me a private message using the contact form page above!

To learn more, see the Lightwing Introduction and download the free Lightwing SDK for Windows to get started!

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