Major Update to the HTPC Guide is Complete

I completed the first major update to my HTPC Guide in 2 years and I am still convinced this is the best HTPC solution anywhere. This may also be the most popular HTPC guide on the web for Live (Over The Air) TV with DVR and EPG features on Windows. I think this is because of the completeness of this guide. There are several other guides for Kodi and MediaPortal out there, but their focus is generally on pirating movies, use outside of North America and most still ignore DVR for Live TV completely. There is also the ongoing problem that most guides describe add-ons for Kodi that do not actually work any more. My guide continues to document a complete solution that actually works in North America with quality program guide data at very low cost.

Microsoft recently pulled the plug on Window Media Center and even DVR support for Live TV on the XBox. That demonstrates their commitment to HTPC! My HTPC guide is the best route forward for those users who want to stick with Windows and not pay hefty subscription fees. It is still possible to get WMC to run on Windows 10, but why bother? Kodi with MediaPortal and SchedulesDirect EPG is fantastic and supports so many new features and the latest hardware.

The biggest problem for me has been with Kodi’s support for NetFlix. It’s not the Kodi team’s fault – to be clear. These problems have been caused by NetFlix continuously redesigning their website. So I now have to access NetFlix using the Chrome browser. It’s not ideal, but it does work and I’m confident it will always work because NetFlix can never abandon their Windows users. In hindsight, Windows has proven to be the real strength of this HTPC solution because no matter how the TV Titans break things, there is always a solution on Windows.

Many HTPC newcomers come looking for the “ultimate” HTPC app that integrates “everything”. Unfortunately, that app still does not exist. But, Kodi with MediaPortal and SchedulesDirect (and Chrome) on Windows is very, very close.

And I still laugh out loud every month when I read my internet-cable bill!

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