Video Walls

  Lightwing now has advanced multi-panel support for building custom video walls at exceptionally low-cost using modern ARM hardware (with integrated GPU and VPU) and open-source tools.  Of course, Lightwing is not just a video wall controller, but a complete multimedia composition engine and platform built around open hardware and open software.

  Video wall controllers typically take a single input video stream (from a PC, for example) and split it into multiple HDMI outputs to drive a limited set of panels (typically 4 or 8). But, Lightwing natively renders and composites video with dynamic 3D graphics, images, text and web content and it can divide the result to display on multiple panels, all without burdening the local network with video. Lightwing needs no video server and supports any number of panels and any display aspect ratio. Lightwing is the first Open Multimedia Digital Sign Wall platform.

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Better Video Wall Technology

  • Unlimited Panels and Display Resolution
  • Distributed Parallel Processing Architecture
  • Any Aspect Ratio (for Video Ribbons)
  • Automatic Content Scaling to Fit Display
  • Pixel-Precision Automatic Bezeling
  • Display 4K Video using Low-Cost 1080p Panels
  • No Video Burden on Network
  • Built-in Fonts, Effects, 3D Animations
  • Low-Cost Open ARM Hardware from Multiple Vendors
  • Open Platform using Open-Source Content Creation Tools
  • Highly Secure Browserless Technology


Build custom video walls of any size with Lightwing

Typical Lightwing Video Wall Configurations ($200/panel, not including panels)


Rear view of 2 x 2 video wall showing attached Lightwing players

Rear View of a 2 x 2 Video Wall using Four 43 Inch Panels with Lightwing Players


Each panel is driven directly by a Lightwing player attached on the back with short HDMI cables and all players are connected to a local network with an Ethernet switch. The network is used for player synchronization and content updates. Since each player stores a copy of the content in flash memory, no video streaming over the network is needed and there are no limits to the number of panels or the aspect ratio of the display that can be built.

Lightwing is cross-platform and automatically scales all content to fit any size display.  So, content is created on Windows on a single panel then deployed to your digital sign wall of any size. Lightwing is a full multimedia composition engine and platform. It has powerful scripting features for creating content using open-source tools and it is licensed per-player for open hardware with no recurring fees. Read the Lightwing Introduction and download the free Lightwing SDK for Windows to get started.

Support for multiple panels is new in Lightwing version 1.2, which is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2017. Don’t just settle for video walls. Build Open Multimedia Digital Sign Walls with Lightwing!





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