Global Page

The global page is a special page that allows text, tickers, boxes and/or objects to be displayed continuously across page time boundaries and over content from regular pages. This can provide continuity to sign content and avoid the need to repeat content in script pages. This example places text with a box highlight and an object on the global page. The syntax for these commands is the same as when they are placed on regular pages.

There is only one global page but it can be updated often with any number of global commands. This command requires only a unique page name parameter. Global commands execute in order, but consume no time. The global page never expires, so to remove content from it, use another global command which may be empty or have different content, as shown in this example between Mars and Jupiter. Individual text, tickers, boxes and objects on the global page may have specific duration times to expire early, or have zero duration time, which means to persist until the next global command (not shown).

The main limitation of the global page is that it can never have a background image, video or page transition because that would obstruct the regular pages. Refer to the online Scripting Guide for more details about these commands.

// Scripting Tutorial - Global Page

version: 1.0

global: GlobalPageInnerPlanets
    box: Highlight size: 55, 15    time: 1, 14    fade: 1, 1    spin: 360, -360        position: 50, 50    align: CenterCenter        color: #00000060
    text: OpenSansBold_100     time: 1, 14    fade: 1, 1    spin: 360, -360        position: 50, 50    align: CenterCenter        type: "Hello Inner Planets!"
    object: SphereSpin                time: 1, 14    fade: 1, 1     loop: on rate: 4       position: 25 60        image: GlobeNasa1

page: Mercury                    time: 1, 3  image: PlanetMercuryBackground.pvr

page: Venus                        time: 1, 3  image: PlanetVenusBackground.pvr

page: Earth                         time: 1, 3  image: PlanetEarthBackground.pvr

page: Mars                         time: 1, 3  image: PlanetMarsBackground.pvr

global: GlobalPageOuterPlanets
    box: Highlight size: 55, 15    time: 1, 18    fade: 1, 1    spin: 360, -360        position: 50, 50    align: CenterCenter        color: #00000060
    text: OpenSansBold_100     time: 1, 18    fade: 1, 1    spin: 360, -360        position: 50, 50    align: CenterCenter        type: "Hello Outer Planets!"

page: Jupiter                      time: 1, 3  image: PlanetJupiterBackground.pvr

page: Saturn                       time: 1, 3  image: PlanetSaturnBackground.pvr

page: Uranus                      time: 1, 3  image: PlanetUranusBackground.pvr

page: Neptune                   time: 1, 3  image: PlanetNeptuneBackground.pvr

page: Pluto                         time: 1, 3  image: PlanetPlutoCharonBackground.pvr
    jump: GlobalPageInnerPlanets



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