Video Objects

Video can also be used for animated objects instead of images. This example shows a single video which is played across all the pages on two different objects. The CardBounceClockwise object shows the video continuously on the global page while the CardTumbleIn object shows the same video using a repeated animation on each regular page.

The video option is used instead of the image option for the object commands in this example. Video names are required for this option, but these are not the complete file names. The file names must be defined by separate video commands which could either be on the same page where the video is used, or it can be on a preceding global command page, as shown here. The global page method must be used here because the video is shown across multiple pages.

The video command requires the complete video file name with an extension. The extension defines the codec type of the video file used. Lightwing supports several specific codec formats which are optimized for digital signage and contain no audio. The most common video file formats can be easily converted to these formats using WinFF as detailed in the section titled Converting Videos in the online Content Development guide. The video files must be named with extensions that correspond to the video codec type that the file contains.

Since video is not implemented in the Windows version of Lightwing, a representative substitute image is used for the video instead. The Windows version of Lightwing will automatically display the substitute image in place of the video. The substitute images must have the same names, except that their extensions must be .pvr and they must be located in the images folder.

The loop option sets the video to automatically loop to the start and repeat when the end of the video file is reached. Otherwise, this option would default to off.

Lightwing supports two simultaneous video streams. The optional stream option defines which stream the video will be played on. It is not required for this example since only a single video is used for both objects.

Notice that the scale option is used on each object command to scale the aspect ratio of the objects to match the 16:9 ratio of the video. Otherwise, the video would have been stretched to fit the 1:1 aspect ratio of the objects. Also refer to the online Scripting Guide for more details about these commands.

// Scripting Tutorial - Video Objects

version: 1.0

global: Global
    video: BigBuckBunny.lv2    loop: on
    object: CardBounceClockwise    fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75    loop: on    rate: 20    video: BigBuckBunny
page: Mercury    time: 1, 3    transition: Fade                                      image: PlanetMercuryBackground.pvr
    object: CardTumbleIn       fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75        video: BigBuckBunny

page: Venus        time: 1, 3    transition: ZoomIn                                 image: PlanetVenusBackground.pvr
    object: CardTumbleIn       fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75         video: BigBuckBunny

page: Earth         time: 1, 3    transition: ZoomOut                              image: PlanetEarthBackground.pvr
    object: CardTumbleIn       fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75         video: BigBuckBunny

page: Mars          time: 1, 3    transition: Implode                                image: PlanetMarsBackground.pvr
    object: CardTumbleIn       fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75         video: BigBuckBunny

page: Jupiter      time: 1, 3    transition: Explode                                 image: PlanetJupiterBackground.pvr
    object: CardTumbleIn       fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75         video: BigBuckBunny

page: Saturn      time: 1, 3    transition: SpinIn                                     image: PlanetSaturnBackground.pvr
    object: CardTumbleIn      fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75         video: BigBuckBunny

page: Uranus     time: 1, 3    transition: Slide    direction: Top          image: PlanetUranusBackground.pvr
    object: CardTumbleIn      fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75         video: BigBuckBunny

page: Neptune    time: 1, 3    transition: Twist    direction: Right     image: PlanetNeptuneBackground.pvr
    object: CardTumbleIn       fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75         video: BigBuckBunny

page: Pluto         time: 1, 3    transition: Radar    direction: Left        image: PlanetPlutoCharonBackground.pvr
    object: CardTumbleIn       fade: 1 0     scale: 1.33 0.75         video: BigBuckBunny
    jump: Mercury



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