Page Transitions

This example adds a variety of animated transitions between the page background images. Lightwing features over 40 different transition animations which can be applied to background images or video simply by specifying their name with the transition command option. This is an easy way to give even a simple sign a professional look. The direction option allows more precise control over some transitions. The default transition is named Fade, which is used when no transition is specified.

The time command option requires two parameters. The first value defines the time used for the transition, or in other words, the animation’s speed. The second value defines the time duration of the page, which begins when the transition animation is complete. When the page duration expires, the transition of the next page begins. Also refer to the online Scripting Guide for more details about these commands.

// Scripting Tutorial - Page Transitions

version: 1.0

page: Mercury    time: 1, 3    transition: Fade                                           image: PlanetMercuryBackground.pvr

page: Venus        time: 1, 3    transition: ZoomIn                                      image: PlanetVenusBackground.pvr

page: Earth         time: 1, 3    transition: ZoomOut                                    image: PlanetEarthBackground.pvr

page: Mars          time: 1, 3    transition: Implode                                      image: PlanetMarsBackground.pvr

page: Jupiter      time: 1, 3    transition: Explode                                       image: PlanetJupiterBackground.pvr

page: Saturn       time: 1, 3    transition: SpinIn                                         image: PlanetSaturnBackground.pvr

page: Uranus      time: 1, 3    transition: Slide           direction: Top        image: PlanetUranusBackground.pvr

page: Neptune    time: 1, 3    transition: Twist         direction: Right     image: PlanetNeptuneBackground.pvr

page: Pluto          time: 1, 3    transition: Radar        direction: Left        image: PlanetPlutoCharonBackground.pvr
      jump: Mercury



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