System Command

This command defines a shell command string to pass to the Linux system for immediate execution. This constant string must be enclosed within a pair of double quote symbols, “like this”. Double quote symbols can also be used within the string by repeating the double quote symbols. This command can only be used on pages with no time option and no drawing commands.

Exercise caution in using this command since any command valid for the Linux system will be executed even though the console output from Linux will not be visible unless a debug cable is attached to the Lightwing player. Commands which alter or delete files in the Linux file system can damage Lightwing and render it inoperable. One use for this command is to shut down the Lightwing player, as shown in the following example.

    Example of a Page that Reboots Linux
        system: "shutdown -h -P now"

On Windows, the System command is always ignored.



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