Portrait Command

Defines a display orientation mode required by this script file. This can be specified as either on or off. If this differs from the current Lightwing display configuration the content can not be played correctly and an error will be reported instead. This command is optional and should only be used if your script actually requires a specific orientation.  If used, this must be specified at the top of the script file, before the first page command.

Lightwing supports landscape and portrait display orientation modes. The default orientation is landscape, but this can be changed by placing this same command into the Lightwing configuration file (lightwing/Config.txt). Alternatively, the default orientation can be overridden by using the -p command line option. Refer to the section: Command Line Options.

Lightwing scripts can be designed to work in both landscape and portrait modes since horizontal and vertical coordinates have the same numeric range, independent of the pixel dimensions of the display. Pages which are dependent on a particular display orientation can be selected by conditional branch commands with the portrait option. The Lightwing test suite demonstrates these features. These scripts simply omit the Portrait command altogether to prevent this test.

Example of a Script that Requires a Portrait Display

portrait: on

page: FirstPage



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